The mission of The School of St Jude is to educate disadvantaged, bright students from the Arusha District to become moral and intellectual leaders in their country and for St Jude’s to thereby demonstrate educational leadership in Tanzania.


Our tour packages allow you to experience The School of St Jude and everything that Tanzania has to offer. With some of the world’s most attractive tourist destinations, Tanzania and St Jude’s combine to bring visitors a once in a lifetime adventure! Whether you are a school group, active climbers looking to do the Kilimanjaro Challenge, a family wanting a cultural experience, or travellers looking for something different we have something for everyone!

All of our tours include time at St Jude’s where you can get to know the students and see the school in action. You can participate in class activities, visit students’ homes, eat traditional Tanzanian food and explore the local villages.

You may also explore some of Tanzania’s most famous safari destinations, including the Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Or visit the exotic spice island of Zanzibar, where the crystal clear waters and rich history of the island are not to be missed!


That time of year to start recruiting again for next year! – A letter of request for volunteers.

Volunteer to be involved in assisting organised health checks for students at The School of St Jude in Arusha, Tanzania

Many of you will have had the opportunity to help out with these checks previously and some have expressed interest in being involved. For those a bit surprised to receive this email, I’m also taking the liberty to send out to many of my friends and colleagues who I think may be interested, or know others who may be interested in being involved.


See for information and the application process.

We are particularly interested in recruiting health professionals experienced in vision assessment and hearing assessments, as well as health professionals with experience and expertise working with young people with vision impairment, cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities. In the last few years we had physiotherapists and orthopaedists that made a great impact in assisting some of the students, particularly in the classroom. Of course, doctors with experience in child health particularly GP’s and paediatricians (or registrars), as well as child health nurse practitioners are always highly valued too. Nurses provide valuable support, particularly to the local school nurses. As usual we will need some helpers, although the numbers may be less than previous years as we are hoping graduate students or the students in transition between year 10 and 11 will join the team.

For those who have been before, I hope you will consider coming along again and submitting another application.

For those that have heard about the checks or gave previously applied and would like join, we look forward to your applications!

And for those that know of people who may be interested in participating, please share with interested colleagues and friends. Thanks!