DISCOVER MOROCCO IN RIADS 2019 (limited spots left)

The Land of Enchantment where this land of great history and complexity, has significant links with the Iberian peninsula. Morocco has been not only a vital source of cultural, architectural, artistic and linguistic influence on Spain and Portugal owing to almost eight centuries of Moorish occupation, (8th and 15th centuries), but it is believed that Iberian’s can actually find their origins in North Africa.

Morocco itself has a tumultuous history, having been occupied by colonies of Phoenician traders, followed by Roman, Byzantine and Vandal invasions and finally, the most important of all, the Arabs in 683, bringing with them the word of Islam.

Morocco today is a vibrant country with all the outward signs of a modern Arab nation, yet it maintains the classic contrasts of such nations in its fabulously rich culture, which emerges spontaneously at every corner and which is deeply rooted in the daily life and psyche of the people.

Moroccans are very friendly, polite and are hospitable to a fault. This open and genuine friendliness of the people can make our stay so much more satisfying by inviting us further into their wonderful culture. The easy going approach to life and business is sometimes the source of criticism, but one needs to keep in mind the country’s very different background, social and religious customs. The Islamic faith is strong amongst the people but it is one of the more moderate and tolerant examples in the Islamic world, somewhat indicative of the nature of the people. Morocco today is a constitutional monarchy with a population of nearly 33 million people.

The country is a true feast for the senses… the marvellous Kasbahs, Medinas and Souks with their bustling activity and colour are an absolute treat for the visitor, plus the many inviting local food stalls and restaurants, where the customary hospitality of the people combines with the rich variety of tastes and flavours of the cuisine.

Your stay is made complete by the inevitable attraction of the beautiful Moorish architecture, the rich and varied handicrafts and the chance to witness the charm of a rural Berber dance, accompanied by the captivating rhythm of instrument and song.


TOUR DATES: September 23 – 2nd October, 2019





Riads are traditional guest houses that are often renovated and restored homes of wealthy Moroccan families.
There is an enormous amount of variety as a result of the individual nature of the accommodations and Riads vary from humble and rustic homes to sumptuous, luxurious palaces. Mostly decorated with regional fabrics and exotic handicrafts, Riads also often have their own internal patios and sometimes their very own hammam, or traditional steam bath. Best of all, many of these homes are located in the most sought after parts of the city and often inside the walls of the Medina (old city). Many Riads are ancient but have been transformed in such a way as to combine the best of the old with the new – enchanting earthenware and raw colours with the finest of life’s little indulgences. This is the ideal way to experience the ‘real’ Morocco in style.


Explore the surprising and opulent city of Abu Dhabi on this short trip

From humble beginnings rise great things. The capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi has transformed from a small fishing village into a sky-scrapered metropolis where even falcons have passports and fly in first class. Marvel at the glittering skyline of glass and steel, and at the marble domes of the Grand Mosque, one of the world’s most extravagant places of worship. Delve into the culture and history of the city-state while wandering down seaside walkways, and see the pre-oil world in the Heritage Village. With a dose of poolside relaxation and retail therapy, this is a perfect short introduction to the Emirates.


2 breakfasts, 1 dinner

4×4, coach

Hotel (2 nights)
Included activities

  • Abu Dhabi – Complimentary Arrival Transfer (Shuttle)
  • Abu Dhabi – Afternoon Desert Safari with BBQ dinner (Half day tour)
  • Abu Dhabi – Complimentary Departure Transfer (Shuttle)

FROM $460.00 PP (SINGLE FROM $665.00)

Why we love this trip

  • Gaze in awe at the majestic Grand Mosque and vast array of skyscrapers dominating the city skyline
  • Prepare your wallet for an opulent shopping trip at Abu Dhabi’s impressive malls
  • Drive along the perfectly manicured waterfront of Corniche
  • 4WD into the golden sand dunes of Arabia, then experience camel riding and local culture at a Bedouin campsite