Cultural Treasure of Japan 2020 Tour

Immerse yourself in the ancient and modern cultures of Japan. Experience the electrifying city of Tokyo with views from Tokyo Tower. Learn the art of the tea ceremony, and stand before the famous Senso-ji Buddhist temple. Tour Matsumoto Castle, know as the “Crow Castle” for its black exterior. Taste legendary Hida beef and sip sake at a local brewery. Delve into Kyoto, the marvellous cultural capital of Japan.  Absorb the beauty of the Golden Pavilion and majesty of Nijo Castle. Board the Shinkasen bullet train to travel to Hiroshima to visit the shrine Island and the peace Memorial Museum.  Japan slowly draws you into it eclectic culture and charm, revealing incredible moments every step of the way.


Our exclusive small group tour for 123Travel guests will have a max of 16 guests on board.

Priced from just $7799 pp twin share (Single supplement available)

Dates: 5-17 October, 2020

Pre-Night Accommodation available on request and Post night options.

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Join us for a Japan Information morning on the 19th September, 10.30 in Buderim.

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