Silversea Cruises

TIMELESS EUROPEAN TREASURES Historical grandeur’s, rich artistic legacies, time-honoured culinary traditions – whether you’re drawn to cathedrals or countryside, our sublime European cruises will captivate you. Our Italian heritage invokes a profound appreciation for the sun-drenched Mediterranean, while our Northern Europe voyages are something to write home about, as each destination exudes a character accrued over centuries. An exciting assortment of new ports delivers unique experiences among Old World wonders. Our small ships lead you to big discoveries on the broadest scale – from the comfort of our newest flagship Silver Muse to stopping traffic as you cruise down the River Thames on Silver Wind.

Our voyages offer an all-encompassing cruise experience, replete with immersive shore excursions in tucked-away towns, intimate fine dining, gracious hospitality presented by a dedicated butler, and the most lavish, all-inclusive lifestyle at sea. This is discovery at its finest.

You can see why you would select Silversea for your next cruise!
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