Amazon & South America

On many bucket lists is a visit to Machu Picchu or a cruise down the Amazon River.
With wildlife abundant on the river and a much loved destination for bird watchers.

Expedition Highlights

Languid three-toed sloths, several species of energetic monkeys, myriad butterflies including the blue morpho, and birds such as kingfishers, blue-and-yellow macaws, and harpy eagles are a few of the remarkable species who live in the Reserve. Learn how the fierce-looking red howler monkeys are in fact, vegetarians. Beneath the surface: piranha, elusive pink river dolphins and the gleaming eyes of caiman, which our naturalist guides are adept at revealing to you. Part of the mystery of the Amazon is the fact that the omnipresent wildlife is so skilled at concealment; it takes a trained eye to locate and identify the profusion of life here. But getting the hang of it, and trying to outdo your guide at spotting it, is part of the excitement and fun.

Timing is everything here
Located just below the equator, the Peruvian Amazon enjoys a consistent year-round tropical climate. Since temperatures rise at midday, we make our daily explorations in early morning and late afternoon, when it’s cooler and the forest residents are most active.

Bird-life beyond description
One of our top ornithologists said the bird life of the Amazon was “beyond description.” In areas where tributaries meet the main river, you may see jabiru storks, birds which stand taller than many people. An early morning sighting of macaws, often heard well before they’re seen, is incredible. And a nighttime outing may reveal the potoo, a nocturnal insect-eater that sits statue-still to capture its prey.


For an experience of a lifetime you can’t get much better than a holiday in Latin America. Home to some of the worlds most interesting people, your’ll be sure to tick off many must-see destinations and must do experiences. 

So many choices: 

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