Accreditation Information

Business Related Conferences with 123Travel

Continued Education

Our Business conferences cater for those groups that are mixed professionals but allocate our topics to customer service, time management, Human Resources and other business related topics.

These conferences do not attract CPE points.

Medical Confernce

Continued Medical Education (CME)

We will apply on a conference by conference basis for endorsement as a provider of Continuing Medical Education for the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.  This will be dependent on the type of conference required and the topic of education.

Legal Accreditation Ethics & Management

Queensland Points

On our reading of the rules we will apply for accreditation on a conference by conference basis for obtaining points under the Qld Law Society continuing legal education scheme, (similarly with the Law Institute of Victoria and the New South Wales Law Society).

However it is necessary to obtain management and Ethical education on a yearly basis and this can be obtained under our general Business Conference material.